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I help creatives use low-cost software to make & sell digital planners.

You can do anything! It’s time to get overcome the tech issues holding you back from getting your product out into the world. You can have the go-to digital planner shop and still have a life. 

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Welcome to How to Make a Digital Planner, where we empower creatives like you to create and sell stunning digital planners. Say goodbye to tech issues and hello to success as you build your go-to digital planner shop. Let’s dive in and get started on your journey to digital planning greatness. How can we assist you today? Discover the software and templates we recommend, learn the tools of the trade, and unlock your full potential. Join our community and let’s make beautiful planners together!
Free, low-cost and one time fee software for blogging

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You shouldn’t have to sell your first born to get your business up and running. Here is curated list of the best free, low-cost and one time fee software to help your business Thrive.

Templates for digital planners and mockups

Templates We Recommend

Discover time-saving templates and mockups for your digital planners at “How to Make a Digital Planner.” I’ve taken on the challenge of finding high-quality designs specifically for your platform.
Learn the software with step by step tutorials for people that don't feel tech savy

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Simple, step-by-step workflows and courses to help you excel in the world of technology. This is the ultimate destination for individuals seeking guidance on “How to Make a Digital Planner?

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Make Your Online Business Dreams Come True

Don’t let tech stop you from building the business of your dreams. This is where you learn what it takes to choose and use the tech for your digital planning business so your business can thrive and you don’t have to ask the boss permission to take time for your family.

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Thank you SO much !!! ????. I’ve finally done it !???? It was a little different as I’m using it on an iPad but once you’d shown me the idea I could then see what had somehow seemed invisible to me previously. This is going to help tonnes and relieve so much frustration. Thank you so much, it’s definitely your good deed for the day, very much appreciated ????????????????????????

My experience so far is that your products are in a better league/higher quality and coming from a better, more authentic place than some of the stuff being constantly pushed out there.
Yours feel genuinely designed to help and to be of substance.

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